The first system ever that guarantees conscious assimilation of the advertising message
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Assimilation means not only noticing the advertisement – which is anyway unheard of in other forms of advertisements, but also cognitive processing of the message.

Thanks to Adquesto, you can be sure that the recipient will see, read and understand the message of Your creation. This is the first system that guarantees conscious assimilation of the advertising message. This approach dramatically raises the recall of advertising messages as well as the conversion of the entire campaign.

No advertising network provides such an offer!

Adquesto changes the rules of the game because:

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    guarantees acquaintance with the ad content

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    enforces comprehension of the advertising message

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    introduces measurable factors of effectiveness

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    charges only for real effects

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    provides full control of budget (capping system)

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    avoids AdBlock and gets back up to 50% target groups!

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Adquests are fully visible, centrally located, by default after the second paragraph of the text. Choosing the right solution is a condition for unveiling the content below, which is encrypted and covered by a translucent layer until the correct answer is clicked.

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Solving the adquest enforces reading and comprehension of the advertising message. This means that in order to be able to read the text further, the recipient must become familiar with Your advertisement, understand it and provide a correct answer to the question. Consciously! This is the equivalent of even several dozen passive contacts with a typical radio, press, outdoor or television advertisement.

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Adquesto exploits psychological principles of questvertising – rewards for the correct answer (providing further part of the text), effectively discourages “shooting” (by temporary punishment after giving the wrong answer), conducts a dialogue with the recipient on behalf of the Advertiser (thanks to the question and the message that follows the correct answer) and finally refreshes the advertising message with a resembling advertisement below the text.

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The fee is charged only for the adquest correctly solved. The very page impressions are free (if the recipient does not decide to solve the adquest and read the text further, the costs are not generated). To put it bluntly, virtually every ad you pay for will be effective!

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Thanks to the capping system, the budget of each campaign is spent optimally, without overpaying for a single unique user. You pay only for the indicated number of effective contacts of one person with your advertisement, no matter in which portal they will take place.

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Each campaign may consist of many adquests, and the Adquesto system will examine which one is the most effective, thus displaying it more often. You can follow each campaign results in Your Advertiser panel, as well as download detailed reports for detailed analysis.

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The Adquesto system discourages from using AdBlock. Without a correct answer to the question about the ad, You cannot read the rest of the texts. Thanks to this, you can get back even more than 50% of your products’ target group (the average number of AdBlock users depends on their age, gender, education and place of residence).


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Each adquest consists of an advertisement, a question related to the advertisement and the choice of three possible answers on the buttons.
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Giving a wrong answer activates a temporary punishment which blocks other actions for a few seconds, at the same time shuffling the answer buttons before they appear again. As a result, it does not pay off for the ad recipient to guess, because it's faster to read the ad with comprehension and immediately click on the right answer. And this requires comprehension of the advertising message, which is the core of the Adquesto system.
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On the correct adquest solution, there is a success message displayed, which is an additional advertising message, together with a button redirecting to the advertiser's landing page. A potential redirect of the recipient to the Advertiser's website does not involve any additional fees!
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Additionally, the so-called resembling ad appears below the text, and this does not require any action. However, it increases the effectiveness of the adquest as well as encourages people to go to the Advertiser's landing page as soon as the reader has finished reading the text of his or her interest, and has not yet gone deep in the comments below the reminder ad.

Psychology in the service of Adquesto

Adquesto is founded on the idea of questvertising the concept of advertising consisting in persuading the recipient to do simple tasks, which require the acquisition of an advertising message.

Adquesto is the first advertising system exploiting the idea of central persuasion route (the term coined by Richard Petty and John Cacioppo). This is used for describing the situation in which the recipient of the message focuses on the content conveyed to him, as opposed to the peripheral route, which is typical for passive contact as in traditional internet, outdoor, radio and television advertisements. The attitude formed under the central persuasion route is permanent in character, influences stronger the recipient behavior and is resistant to subsequent counterpropaganda (see Dariusz Doliński “Psychological mechanisms of advertisement”).

In the Adquesto model a cognitive learning process takes place with use of a reward (which is free access to valuable content) and a punishment – a temporary blockade, that is a few seconds waiting for the next opportunity to answer.

Adquesto exploits psychological knowledge about learning also in the field of optimizing the intensity of incentives. Whatever web portal used, the system controls the frequency of adquests  coming from one campaign and displayed to a particular user by means of the so-called capping system.

The second adquest solution by the same person increases considerably the degree of consolidation of the memory trace. The optimal effect is obtained when another contact with the message takes place, only after the recipient has performed several other actions involving his mind. Hence, the Adquesto system makes sure that the second contact with the adquest will not take place until five other articles are read. Thanks to this approach, the learning process of the advertising message is effective, and the recipient does not feel bored with answering the same question all over again.

Cognitive process that reflect the stages of the advertising message acquisition under the Adquesto system:



100% attention of the service readers guaranteed.



The question enforces conscious acquaintance with the advertising message.



Only understanding the message enables giving the correct answer.



The correct answer is rewarded with free access to the further text of the article.



The reminder ad below the article recalls the advertising message.



Another contact with the campaign under capping reinforces the memory trace.

That's why the Adquesto campaign is an equivalent of several dozen passive contacts with print, outdoor, radio or television advertisements!