We’re changing the rules!

We have drastically increased the effectiveness of ads.

We have multiplied Publishers revenues.

We have provided free access to valuable content.

Check how it works in practice, solve the adquest and get access to the whole article.

Adquesto is the first content gate based on the idea of ​​questvertising. This is a service that alters the balance of power in the advertising and publishing market. So far, the game has been about displaying as many ads as possible in the hope that the User clicks on them, often by accident. Adquesto only displays one ad, but asking for reading and comprehension of the message. This is an absolute change and everyone benefits from it.

The user gets free access to valuable content. His “payment method” to the Publisher may be a moment of attention dedicated to clicking the right answer to a question about the advertisement. No need to buy subscriptions and to transfer money as in typical paywalls. There is also an option of a premium account available, which turns off the adquests in return for a small amount of money paid to the Publisher.

Thanks to questvertising the advertiser can finally be sure that the User will notice his advertisement and will consciously indeed get acquainted with its content. It is a huge qualitative change in the world dominated by a mass of ubiquitous, annoying ads that nobody reads.

The publisher can finally fully monetise his potential, without cluttering the user with a mass of traditional advertisements. The Publisher also becomes more independent from advertisers, as not being pushed to seek additional sponsored texts or affiliate programs.

Discover the Adquesto advertising system

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How does the Adquesto system work?

The user loads an article by means of Adquesto


free access to the first part of the article

Below the first part of the article there appears an advertising quest


a question about the ad content and the choice of 3 answers

The user did not get acquainted with the content of the advertisement

ignorance of the correct answer blocks the adquest solution

The user indicates an incorrect answer


“motivational punishment” - 5 seconds waiting for another opportunity to answer

The user got acquainted with the content of the advertisement

comprehension of the advertising message allows you to solve the adquest

The user indicates the correct answer


the rest of the article is unveiled

The user is rewarded with free access to valuable content

Effective advertising message assimilation takes place

Benefits for all

  • benefit

    The advertiser can be sure that his or her advertisement has been noticed and its content consciously assimilated.

  • benefit

    The publisher gets fair remuneration for their work – also from people using AdBlock!

  • benefit

    The user gets access to valuable content.

With Adquesto everybody wins.

Join the advertising revolution!

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